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The Problem

Are you happy with dry, brittle curls that ORDINARY setting lotions create?  If you are not, then it is time to use Unicure "Hair & Skin" Conditioner - Contains no drying alcohol and our product imparts great shine at the same time!

Hair Relaxers

Hair relaxers contain potent chemicals that can damage your hair and skin.  They are usually used in the process of straightening African-American hair.  If you relax your hair and also color or bleach it you can potentially do serious damage to your hair and possibly your skin.  If your hair is resistant to these processes then we can help you  We can even help even if your hair is not resistant. 

Please understand that you should be using special formulations to pamper and nourish your hair after these harsh chemicals are used.  Unicure "Hair & Skin" Conditioner has the unique ability to provide the unsurpassed care required for delicate African-American hair.


After relaxing, use the Unicure "Hair & Skin" Conditioner as a setting lotion.  Apply the Conditioner to your hair, roller curler then leave in until it dries.  This process will impart INCREDIBLE moisture and shine back into your hair while leaving you with a VERY soft, LONG-LASTING curl.  After removing your   rollers, there will be NO STIFFNESS to comb through.  Consequently, your curls won't disappear and they will actually be wonderfully soft, tangle-free and easy to style.

We were recently told by a new customer that our product should be marketed towards the African-American because of the STRONG PRODUCTS and TECHNIQUES used to straighten their hair.  She had been a long time permer and after a while her hair wouldn't take a curl (over 30 years).  She read about our products on the Internet under Alta Vista Search - "amazing products" and decided to give it a try.  So she applied the conditioner to her hair, and used sponge rollers overnight.  Her curls were so incredibly soft, shiny and bouncy, that she just had to call us and let us know the great news. She couldn't believe her hair could hold a curl again and that the conditioner didn't bother her sensitive scalp. EXTRA BONUS was that her curls lasted all day long!!!!

We would like to thank D.B. from Florida for calling us and bringing this use to our attention once again.  We are glad we have made a difference in her life and hair.   We hope to make a difference in yours - please give the product a try.  We guarantee it 100% or your money back.

Order Unicure Hair & Conditioner online or call us toll-free at 1-888-UNICURE (864-2873).

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Here's her Testimonial:

I have surfed the web for over 7 years now and bought many products, but I have never found any product that was as true to its' promises as this product, UNICURE "HAIR & SKIN" CONDITIONER.  Therefore, this is my first INTERNET testimonial.

To find anything that could (and did) curl, condition and pamper my very damaged and dry AFRICAN-AMERICAN hair was my dream.  Well, UNICURE did it and is nothing short of a REAL miracle. (The second miracle is the price, $3.95 when you buy a case lot)

I would heartily encourage anyone that describes their hair as "TOTALLY BEYOND REPAIR AND HOPELESS" to give UNICURE just one try.  Believe me, I know how you feel.  I have taken out literally thousands of curls over the last 30 years, only to watch them fall limp and lifeless.  If they were not limp, they were so crisp from the drying alcohol that I had to very carefully comb them out.  Then, of course, when I lost the stiffness, I lost the curl!!


Unicure is your dream cure.  With it, you will sweep your dresser clean of at least 8 - 10 useless products.  If your hair could kiss you, it would!!

PS. If your hairdresser does not know about this fabulous product, do her/him a really big FAVOR!  Take it with you on your next visit and don't let them use anything but UNICURE on your hair to detangle, condition, roller set or blow dry.  Get ready for them to ask you "what is REALLY going on?"

I welcome your questions and comments, so feel free to e-mail me at bellanco@bellsouth.net Don't delay, buy it today, and tell everyone you know about UNICURE!!


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