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Pet Owners ~ Animal Breeders ~ Kennel Owners - How to use Unicure "Hair & Skin" Conditioner for Award Winning Results ~ BLUE RIBBON

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Your Pet Is An Important Member Of Your FamilyDon't just use anything off of the shelf.  Your pet's skin can be just as sensitive or even more sensitive to products than yours.  They usually bath less than us which means their glands regulate their skin differently.  You must use products that are mild so that it does not strip the natural oils from the skin causing irritation, dry spots or inflammation and for sure you must definitely use a conditioner that can help regulate the skin as well as add moisture to the skin and detangle.  Also animals have no protection or available response to help if a product gets into their eyes so make sure you are using a product that is tearless or avoid washing too close to the eyes.

If your pet has a coat or skin problem that your veterinarian has not been able to help you with then please try Unicure "Hair & Skin" Conditioner.   Over the past 30 years we have been privy to many amazing stories from pet owners just like you about problems their pets were having with their skin - which usually affects their coat as well.  Our product is very unique in the market as it does not contain any dye, fragrance or drying alcohol which can cause adverse effects.   It is able to replenish moisture while washing bacteria away and opening the pores to release oils and let the coat grow properly. It cools and soothes "hot spots" and itchy, dry skin to relieve your pet from the constant torment of these problems. Give your pet the love it deserves and use Unicure "Hair & Skin" Conditioner to keep them happy and healthy throughout their lives.

How to...... Guide for "Blue Ribbon" Results

If your pet is extremely dirty you may have to wash them twice, as a company it is our philosophy that shampoos are damaging products and should be used sparingly on ourselves so we also recommend the same when it comes to your pets, however, we need to qualify  the type of coat and thickness and how dirty your pet is.   You will be able to see if your pet is clean after the first washing by running some of the hair through your fingers and checking the skin for debris.  If you find lots of debris just try rinsing them again thoroughly, if this does not help then wash them once more.

If they seem to be clean then begin by applying the Unicure "Hair & Skin" Conditioner all over their coat.  Make sure to massage it into their skin and saturate all of the coat.   The product is tearless and hypoallergenic so there will be no discomfort to your pet if some mistakenly gets into their eyes.  Once the conditioner has been massaged (your pet will love this) throughout leave it on for a minute.  This will help moisturize the animals skin, helping to eliminate any skin disorders and discomfort.   If your pet has skin problems you can spot apply the Unicure "Hair & Skin" Conditioner to moisturize and sooth (great for reducing itchiness from flea bites and dry skin).  Rinse thoroughly, brush and dry.  The Unicure "Hair & Skin" Conditioner will help detangle even the worst coats.  If you find a mat take some Unicure and rub it into the mat thoroughly then brush out.   If this won't do it  - nothing will!

Once your pet is dry quickly run the brush through them again.  This will not only help with how they look but will also help control how much hair is found around the house.  You should notice ~ how nice and soft their coat is ~ as well as ~ how shiny and tangle-free it is!!!!!

If you show animals the coat is ready for any primping and priming and is extremely easy to manage.  The animals skin and coat will glow beyond your competitions.  If you want or need extra shine take the Unicure "Hair & Skin" Conditioner and add a small amount to water in a separate spray bottle, shake it up and spray the coat, brush and dry. ~  SHINE BEYOND COMPARE!!


There are many products out there that say they control fleas, kill fleas bla, bla, bla.  Well if a product says it can kill fleas then it must have a pesticide in it and I wouldn't use it on my pet.  The others say they can repel fleas.  This type of product either has "Citronnela" or "D-Limonene" in it.  Both of these ingredients are naturally derived oils, however, they are extremely corrosive in their natural form (D-limonene is widely used in cleaners) thus manufacturers use it more as a marketing tool than for its real effect.   So don't waste your money.

Washing your pet will get rid of fleas on them, however, if the fleas are inside the house then you need to treat the whole house with flea killer.  If you don't you will never get rid of the fleas on your pet.  You can't stop your pet from getting fleas from outside.  The best you can do is to wash them, brush them and keep an eye out for signs of infestation.  Good Luck!

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Customer Testimonials:

Tail.gif (2542 bytes)   Customers Comments ~ who handles "Rescue Dogs":

They come home looking horrible, filthy with burs and tangles. It's disgusting.  They look like they should be shot! Then I give them a Unicure bath.  It's amazing, now  I don't want to shoot them. I want to hug and kiss them and enter them into a  Beauty Show For Dogs!  They look so good I'm sure they would win a ~ "Blue Ribbon" ~  Thank you Unicure

Your skin and hair conditioning product(s) are fabulous. It is so fantastic I don't have words to describe it.  I use it on me and my very unique show dogs.  They are a breed with the longest and most difficult hair possible - PULI's - I heard about your product from other Puli owners and I can testify that their glowing words of praise were not exaggerations.  I am a very happy and more than satisfied customer.  A.L

I love Unicure, and have used it for over 20 years. I use it for removing makeup, moisturizing, hair conditioner, body lotion and anti itch for the dog. I've also used it as a fabric softener. Thanks again, it's a wonderful product!!! -- N. M

We show a rare breed of sporting dog ... Clumber Spaniels ...  It is simply the Best conditioner I've ever found that will not cause the dogs to itch.   The fullness that it puts into their hair is truly remarkable!  Our dogs are nearly all white, and blue shampoos seem to bring out the highlights in them.   Whew!!! I thought you were gone... C.C.

I use Unicure on my dog and she is allergic to a lot of things, but your Unicure hair and skin conditioner is what I need.  Thanks sooo much!!! ~ B.

The lady I bought my Sky Terrier from, swears by your product, and insisted I had to use it.  She apparently usually bought from a beauty supply house.  Her last purchase was for a bottle at $8.00.  Anyway, she was insistent enough that I hunted around till I found you on the internet, when the local beauty supply houses said they no longer carried the product.  I will pass the word along to her, and the rest of the Skye world via the Skye Bulletin, that you are at this e-mail address, and I will give them your new address.  Much luck as you take back your business. ~ S.M.

I just want to let you know how much I like your "Superstar" Conditioner.  The name fits!  I have used your product for two years.  I have very long hair and have problems with the ends being dry, or should I say "had" ever since I have been using your "Superstar".  That is the only conditioner I have used in two years.  I love it!  I also use it on my dairy goats just before I take them to the show ring.  I dilute the "Superstar" with water (half & half) in a spray bottle and spray them (the goats) all over and then rub with a towel and they shine like the morning sun.  I had several Grand and reserve Champions last year, I can't give you all the credit for that but I sure can't say that it didn't help.  I told a friend of mine to use the "Superstar" on her show horses manes and tails.  She tried it and she thinks it's "Fantastic," removes all of the tangles and puts body in it.   She said their tails flowed in the wind when being ridden.  I just went to the store and found it on sale and bought ten bottles of Superstar, that is how much I like your product! Thanks for the Conditioner ~ P.H.

I recently purchased a product of yours, Hair and Skin Conditioner, out of curiosity and found it worked wonders for my very long, extremely dry hair.  I also enjoyed the fact that your products are not tested on animals, since I don't buy products tested on or come from animals .....  I found your mailing address on my PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) fact sheet on companies that do/and do not test on animals.  I would enjoy receiving any information of further products that are available.  Thank you, Sincerely,  ~ D.B.

Hi! I'm a fifth grade student writing to thank you for not testing your products on animals.  I will continue to use your wonderful product.   Keep up the good work!  Sincerely,  ~ C.H.

I have been in love with Unicure since I first heard of it years ago around the swimming pool.  Recently my dog chased a skunk and suffered the consequences.  I used seven cans of tomato juice in bathing my dog.  After her fourth bathing, after she dried in the sunshine, I used Unicure on her coat.  She is silkier than ever.  Her coat was very nice before her run-in, but now it is nicer than ever.  I will continue to use it on her when I bathe her.  Oh yes, I use it on my seven year old son too.  And me!  Thank you for such a great product.   Sincerely, ~ J.R.B.

I have been using Unicure Hair and Skin Conditioner for over 20 years on my show dogs, grooming clients and myself.....I called around locally and no one carries it.  Can I buy it from you?  I recommend it to all my grooming clients and to people getting puppies from me.  I would appreciate your help.  I am so happy with your product and would not know what to do without it. ~ K.K.

I am a dog groomer in a western suburb of Chicago.   I've used Unicure for about 4 years as a coat conditioner and an aid in getting tangles and mats loose.  Recently, I've been unable to purchase this product at the local beauty supply.  As your web site notes that I can only purchase Unicure from you now, please send me whatever information I need to re-establish my supply line to this product. ~ C.W.

My family has been using Unicure for so long I can't remember when we started our "love affair" with your wonderful product.  We started using Unicure when my oldest son was still a toddler.  He is now 26 years old.  Now, today, two daughters and many, many Yorkshire Terriers (show dogs and pets!) later we are firm believers in the outstanding merits of your fine product.   Please send me information on how I can buy this wonderful miracle product!   We firmly believe we cannot live without it!  Your immediate reply would be most appreciated ... as I have only two bottles left in my cache in the grooming room and seven Yorkies and two daughters and one son who are squabbling over them!!   Sincerely, ~ R.V.

I have used it for 24 years. I use it, my husband uses it, the whole family uses it.  It's wonderful on the dogs ...  Champions thanks to Unicure.  You could not beat the luster of the hair in the show ring.  Where can I get it?  I live in California and have looked EVERYWHERE!!!!  ~ L.S.

Loyal user is absolutely correct - I've been using Unicure Hair and Skin Conditioner since about the mid 70's - to correct a bad perm!  I even use it regularly on my 12 year old golden retriever ..... best thing I've ever seen for all those long feathers ~ P.M.

A beautiful letter I received the other day:

Dear Mr. Unicure,

It was a pleasure talking to you the other day while ordering our new supply of the Unicure "Hair & Skin" Conditioner.  We love it!  Here is a true story for your testimonials.  While at the Veterinary hospital to get shots for our dog we noticed this elderly woman in tears. We inquired what was wrong and she told us her 10 year old dog, her only companion, had a skin disease they could not control or cure.  Their only suggestion was that the dog must be put to sleep as there was nothing they could do to help the poor dog.  She was very upset and didn't know what to do.  Having used Unicure on our dog and being Unicure believers we suggested she try your product on her dog to see if it could help.  We would be very upset ourselves if we were told that our dog had to be put to sleep so we gave her a bottle that we had in our car and our phone number so she could keep in touch, she was happy and wanted to pay us for the bottle (you were right it is a wonderful $5.00 gift).  We went home feeling great knowing we helped someone.  Well, within 3 or 4 days she called us telling us that her dogs' skin had cleared up after using the Unicure.  She was so thankful and happy it brought tears to my eyes.  I just wanted to thank you again for making this "Miracle" product.  A customer for life.  God bless you ~ M.T,

I get letters and phone calls like this one all of the time (more Customer Testimonials here) that's why I hang in waiting for "Recognition" and the chance to get "Unicure" to the people and their pets.  The letter above is "Good News" now the "Bad News" ~

Do you think the Pet Hospital contacted me? ~ NO!
Do you think the Veterinarian contacted me? ~ NO!

Now you can understand my frustration!  They don't seem to really care!  It's the same with the Doctors in the Medical Profession.   PLEASE ~ Tell your Veterinarian, Animal Hospital, Medical Doctor, Health Care Provider about Unicure ~ Give them our web address so they too can find out why they should be using and recommending Unicure! ~ Thank You.

PLEASE! ~ If you, a family member, including your pets, have a ~ "Hair or Skin Problem" ~  Give Unicure a Try......IT WORKS!  How important is  ~ Your Pet to you? Your Family?  Are they worth $10.00?  Lets face it they are worth thousands of dollars to you ~ You know if you have a problem with your pet your Veterinarian sure thinks so!  Order Unicure Now, 100% guaranteed satisfaction or your money back!

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