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We've removed all the common allergans contained in other shampoo and conditioners. No perfume, no color, no harsh detergents. Just a product gentle enough to make your hair and skin clean, clear and vibrant. 


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Sensitive Focused. 
Relief Driven. 

All our ingredients are carefully sourced with no color or harsh chemicals. 

Ingredients that are safe for your hair and skin and suitable for even the most sensitive bodies!

Unicure Conditioner isn't like any others. You may notice it lacks a creamy texture, but that's because it's natural. 


Our conditioner lacks Petrolatum making it clean and sensitivity focused. 

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A top ingredient in both our Shampoo and Conditioner!

Also known as SAAs, or Sericin comes from natural Silk. Rich with amino acids serine and aspartate, this key ingredient helps clean and protect your hair and skin from anti-oxidants while locking in moisture.

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Orange Capsules


Our Shampoo is infused with the a rich Vitamin E

Often found in our foods such as nuts, seeds, or leafy greens Vitamin E is a fat-soluble antioxidant!


 A soft ingredient to promote hair growth, support your scalp, and clear your skin of harsh environmental chemicals. 


Our shampoos's secret to success. 

A supplement that soothes skin and promotes healing. 

Creating a coat to protect your natural skin layers and retain water, dl-Panthenol replenishes the skin’s natural moisture.

Facial Oil
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