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We exist to improve the lives and looks of Americans.



At Unicure, we want to showcase a healthy life achievable with our products. Our natural shampoo and conditioner satisfy customers and give a whole new experience with one simple product. Unicure Conditioner is the product that will amplify your natural beauty, help relieve your conditions and enhance your life.


Founded in 1969 Unicure’s conditioning formula took off in the hippy era of long,

unmanageable, tangled, frizzy hair. By the end of 1972, Unicure was the #1 selling Professional Product in Western Canada before expanding throughout the USA and Canada. By 1976 Unicure was the number one selling professional product in the United States.


One company with the ultimate goal of a product that has lasting results. Over 50 years of making our customers live life to the fullest, without the hassle of dry hair or itchy skin. We believe in a simple solution to improve the lives of Americans for years to come. 


Unicure Hair Products

Unicure hair products are 99.5% derived from natural ingredients and have no color, fragrance, or drying alcohol. 

Our shampoo cleanses the pores of dirt, oil, and bacteria replenishing moisture, healthy, and full of life.


Our star product will amplify your natural hair beauty while promoting growth. Unicure Conditioner helps with a dry scalp, dandruff, and hair loss, tames frizz, and locks in moisture. 

No matter what your hair condition, Unicure has the solution. 


Unicure Skin Products

A soft lubricant and moisturizer, with an acid balance for cleansing power! Simplify your routine with one product for your hair and skin.

Unicure Conditioner provides a simple solution for everything from skin complexion, rashes, sunburns, or removing makeup. ​

It's not greasy, absorbing into the skin, disappearing within seconds, leaving your skin feeling refreshed, clean, alive, soft to the touch

Tackle any skin condition with Unicure.

All Natural Ingredients

No Perfume

No Fragrance

No Colours


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After 50+ Years of Results

You've Tried The Rest, Now Try The BEST

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