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Unicure Conditioner is a fantastic lubricant and moisturizer, with an acid balance for cleansing power! One of a kind on the market, Unicure is the solution for almost any condition from dry skin, to clogged pores (acne) or damaged hair and an itchy scalp.

Unicure is over 99.5% derived from natural ingredients, has no color, no fragrance, no drying alcohol and is considered hypoallergenic and tearless.


Your skin deserves to be clean and clear!

Unicure will remove your makeup, draw out the dirt from your pores, nourish and even moisturize your skin- helping to eliminate the possibilities of blackheads and whiteheads (pore blockers).

Did you know?  Your pores are "release valves". Starting from the inside out, sometimes they get blocked so that toxins can't come out. Unicure's simple lubricating, penetrating, and cleansing ability helps remove the toxins, reduce the blocking of pores letting the toxins out so that your skin will clear up, and so will your complexion!


There's nothing better than the feeling of a  fresh shave! Soft skin is great, but we know razor burn or ingrown hairs can quickly take that bliss away. 

Unicure offers a solution to help shave any area from your face to your legs. A soft lubricant gives you a clean shave and long-lasting velvety smooth skin.

  1. Apply Unicure Conditioner to the skin.

  2. Use your favorite razor. 

  3. Wash off any remaining products and enjoy your smooth skin.

  4. Reapply after to moisturize and cool skin.


Use for damaged hair caused by over-bleaching, perms, colouring, and environmental, etc.


Most protein treatments beneficial ingredients are washed off, but with the UNICURE PROTEIN TREATMENT, the protein holds to each hair strand and penetrates into the hair shaft then locks the cuticle for perfect, vibrant easy to manage hair.



  1. Apply 2 to 4 oz. of Unicure Conditioner to the hair and scalp.

  2. Wrap your head in plastic or plastic cap

  3. Sit under dryer for 15+ minutes, if you have one, if not use a hair dryer on low, to allow for better penetration and moisturization.

  4. Rinse - a simple process for better healthier hair!


We love the look of extensions or a clean new wig! So why not keep it that way? ​

  1. Wet with warm water and work 1 oz. of Unicure through hair.

  2. Leave on for 5 minutes.

  3. Rinse well.

Not only is Unicure going to leave a protective film over each human/synthetic hair strand, but it will also disinfect your hair as well!


Oily skin can create a blockage of the pores and irritation. Unicure cleans excess oil from the skin and pores, helping regulate natural oil flow. 4 steps in under 10 minutes:

  1. Hot & Moist. Take a plain white towel and soak in 'hot water', ring it out, and place on face. 

  2. Massage ample amount of UNICURE conditioner to face, allowing it to sink in.

  3. Take a clean, dry, towel, and rub face vigorously for 1 minute to stimulate skin also to remove dead skin cells (Repeat to exfoliate).

  4. Take a small amount of UNICURE and apply frequently to face to moisturize and reduce bacteria.


Your skin acts as a protectant against its surroundings. Sensitive skin can get easily aggravated by environmental factors or simply your immune system. 

Unicure provides a clean solution to help keep flare ups at ease allowing you to live your life without any itchiness or redness. Its soft hypoallergic ingredients can help with conditions such as Rosacea, Eczema, sunburns or even a bee sting!

It's time to live your life freely!


Baldness is caused by:


  1. Hereditary 

  2. Carelessness    

  3. Environment

Unicure acts as a supplement helping to reduce carelessness and its environmental effects.​  It helps cleanse the scalp of all pore-blocking bacteria so the scalp can breathe properly.


When the root is dead it's dead, but when it's still alive there is hope! If you sod a new lawn and ignore it over a period of time, it will die. But if you water it, nourish it, and care for it, then the grass will be green and grow healthy.  So nourish your hair and scalp with Unicure!


Do you have a son or daughter with long hair? Stop the tug-of-war every wash by using Unicure Hair and Skin Conditioner.

Unicure's shampoo and conditioner are the perfect pairings to detangle your hair and keep the frizz at ease. Our formula delivers moisture, protein, and oxygen to the root, preventing the loss of essential cortex components, also leaving a thin flexible film on the outside of each hair strand, reducing static and making combing easy. 

Less Is More

The key to healthy hair is less shampooing and more conditioning. People today are showering more frequently... once, twice, or even three times a day! Using Shampoo too often strips your hair of its natural oils, leaving it "Dry and Damaged." 

We recommend shampooing only a few times a week!

What Our Clients Say

Dear Unicure,   My daughter has severe eczema on her head and ears. I was at my wits end trying to find something that would keep it under control. A friend of mine gave me a bottle of your product to try and within 2 days my daughters eczema was cleared up! It was AMAZING!! My only problem is, is that I cannot find Unicure any where. Could you PLEASE tell me where i can find it or where I can order it. We have been out for about a month and her eczema is quite bad again.  We DESPERATELY need some more!!! I would greatly appreciate it...   Thank You, L. C. 
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